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Facts about Foal

Facts about Foal

Foal is the term for a new born horse lot of people been confuse the differences between the foal and the pony. So hope the first sentence clarifies your minds, when a horse born a male foal it’s called colt while the female called filly. These terms are only use if the horse is one years old.  If the foal is get nursery to its dam which the mother to be more specific it’s called “suckling” and if the foal stop nursing to its dam it’s called weanling. Mare is the female horse when its pregnant most breeder will say the “Mare is in foal” and if it will give birth breeder will say the “Mare is foaling”.

When the foal is already grow up more than one year, it will change the term and it called the yearling. After the yearling age and reach the breeding period maturity, a filly foal in the age of three and four they called the Mare horses while the colt foal call the Stallion.

two brown and beige horses eating grass in a field

Horses have a mature body but in a small size called ponies where most the people got mistaken that foals and ponies are the same which is not click here to see the difference.  An adult pony has the capacity to use in work and ride while the foal is only used for work, not into ride because foal is too young for that. When the foal grows is not difficult to distinguish if it is a normal size of horse or a size of a pony, you can distinguish easily because foal with slim bodies, small and long legs. Their eyes and heads also have the juvenile looks while the ponies yet it has a little juvenile looks but their body proportions is matured like the adult horse. Pony foals are smaller, slimmer and have the long legs just like their parents.

After foals birth them already can walk, trot and stand in a shortest period. It is expected within 2hours the foal should get up and nursing to its parent.  If the foal didn’t act like this for a longer time, the best thing you do is to call a veterinarian. Because normally the filly foals are faster to get stand in their own than the colt foals. In general foals can do gallop after about twenty-four hours.

running purebred akhalteke dam with foal in the paddock

When the foal get its first drink of milk from the mare its colostrums; it boosts the immune system of the foal, very important to them because they born with less protection. Normally the foul must get the colostrums from the first hours after birth or less than 24 hours after birth. This is not only for immune but it also helps the foal to go through its manure.

Breeder should watch and observe any signs of sick and illness because foals need to be disinfected from being umbilical stump within few days after they born. Foals could be infection so rapidly.

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