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Posted by on Apr 27, 2017 in News |

Should Your Office Have Notice Boards?

Almost every office today has its own notice boards. But you can’t help but think if it is really necessary to have them in the first place. With the convenience of the internet, you’d think that if is practical to have them or not. Just because there is the internet, doesn’t mean that the traditional notice boards are no longer useful. Notice boards have its own way of communicating with people, especially when you are in an area that has no internet connection. Here are some of the reasons from that explains why offices still need notice boards.

It creates an interest in most significant information

How people choose to communicate can have a considerable effect on the work performance. One of the things in the office that is mostly forgotten is deadlines. When this happens, it can yield into rushed projects, poor experiences for clients or even missed deadlines. If you’ve got the color-coded notice boards, it will aid in promoting activity in the office, get engaged in tasks and even allow the employees to see the most important deadlines every day.


If colored paper is not present, colored pens will do the trick. Each color will represent its level of importance. It will alert whoever sees it and will act on it right away. For example, you can assign the color red as for urgent tasks. Once the employees see such notices, they will notice the color right away and take action based on what is detailed in the note. Other colors can represent upcoming meetings, last minute work, and deadlines. This is one valuable way of creating awareness as it will provide the employees to see actively if there is any issue that should be addressed right away.

Give inspiration to employees

Who is to say that the notice board is limited to work issues. You can also include photos on the noticeboard. It can be a party or a work event that will bring reminders to the employees of every great opportunity that they have experienced when working in the company over the years.

You can also reward your employees this way by including notices that reflect on their progress. Display short reports regarding the achievements of the employees, which will motivate the employees to continue their great work and strive for success in accomplishing their targets and goals. This will make every employee feel that they are valued, appreciated and filled with talents.

Interaction within the office

Putting up a notice board will create a positive connection with everyone and various communication opportunities. This is the area where people can post social activities, conferences, work-related events, and meetings. The events that will take place outside and during the office hours are posted on the notice boards, which will encourage the employees to communicate with each other during said events. It will also build up a greater connection with everyone even if the event is over.

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