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Posted by on Apr 27, 2017 in News |

Should Your Office Have Notice Boards?

Almost every office today has its own notice boards. But you can’t help but think if it is really necessary to have them in the first place. With the convenience of the internet, you’d think that if is practical to have them or not. Just because there is the internet, doesn’t mean that the traditional notice boards are no longer useful. Notice boards have its own way of communicating with people, especially when you are in an area that has no internet connection. Here are some of the reasons from that explains why offices still need notice boards.

It creates an interest in most significant information

How people choose to communicate can have a considerable effect on the work performance. One of the things in the office that is mostly forgotten is deadlines. When this happens, it can yield into rushed projects, poor experiences for clients or even missed deadlines. If you’ve got the color-coded notice boards, it will aid in promoting activity in the office, get engaged in tasks and even allow the employees to see the most important deadlines every day.


If colored paper is not present, colored pens will do the trick. Each color will represent its level of importance. It will alert whoever sees it and will act on it right away. For example, you can assign the color red as for urgent tasks. Once the employees see such notices, they will notice the color right away and take action based on what is detailed in the note. Other colors can represent upcoming meetings, last minute work, and deadlines. This is one valuable way of creating awareness as it will provide the employees to see actively if there is any issue that should be addressed right away.

Give inspiration to employees

Who is to say that the notice board is limited to work issues. You can also include photos on the noticeboard. It can be a party or a work event that will bring reminders to the employees of every great opportunity that they have experienced when working in the company over the years.

You can also reward your employees this way by including notices that reflect on their progress. Display short reports regarding the achievements of the employees, which will motivate the employees to continue their great work and strive for success in accomplishing their targets and goals. This will make every employee feel that they are valued, appreciated and filled with talents.

Interaction within the office

Putting up a notice board will create a positive connection with everyone and various communication opportunities. This is the area where people can post social activities, conferences, work-related events, and meetings. The events that will take place outside and during the office hours are posted on the notice boards, which will encourage the employees to communicate with each other during said events. It will also build up a greater connection with everyone even if the event is over.

If you want an office worthy notice board, you can find a lot of great ones sold at

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Posted by on Sep 1, 2016 in News |

Facts about Foal

Facts about Foal

Foal is the term for a new born horse lot of people been confuse the differences between the foal and the pony. So hope the first sentence clarifies your minds, when a horse born a male foal it’s called colt while the female called filly. These terms are only use if the horse is one years old.  If the foal is get nursery to its dam which the mother to be more specific it’s called “suckling” and if the foal stop nursing to its dam it’s called weanling. Mare is the female horse when its pregnant most breeder will say the “Mare is in foal” and if it will give birth breeder will say the “Mare is foaling”.

When the foal is already grow up more than one year, it will change the term and it called the yearling. After the yearling age and reach the breeding period maturity, a filly foal in the age of three and four they called the Mare horses while the colt foal call the Stallion.

two brown and beige horses eating grass in a field

Horses have a mature body but in a small size called ponies where most the people got mistaken that foals and ponies are the same which is not click here to see the difference.  An adult pony has the capacity to use in work and ride while the foal is only used for work, not into ride because foal is too young for that. When the foal grows is not difficult to distinguish if it is a normal size of horse or a size of a pony, you can distinguish easily because foal with slim bodies, small and long legs. Their eyes and heads also have the juvenile looks while the ponies yet it has a little juvenile looks but their body proportions is matured like the adult horse. Pony foals are smaller, slimmer and have the long legs just like their parents.

After foals birth them already can walk, trot and stand in a shortest period. It is expected within 2hours the foal should get up and nursing to its parent.  If the foal didn’t act like this for a longer time, the best thing you do is to call a veterinarian. Because normally the filly foals are faster to get stand in their own than the colt foals. In general foals can do gallop after about twenty-four hours.

running purebred akhalteke dam with foal in the paddock

When the foal get its first drink of milk from the mare its colostrums; it boosts the immune system of the foal, very important to them because they born with less protection. Normally the foul must get the colostrums from the first hours after birth or less than 24 hours after birth. This is not only for immune but it also helps the foal to go through its manure.

Breeder should watch and observe any signs of sick and illness because foals need to be disinfected from being umbilical stump within few days after they born. Foals could be infection so rapidly.

If you plan to buy foals, Shetland ponies and Flabella horse visit this site

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Posted by on Dec 21, 2015 in Gifts, News, Personalized Gifts |

Drink Tea for a Healthier Body

Drink Tea for a Healthier Body

In times that you are too busy with your work, you sometimes forget how important it is to eat some healthy foods instead of buying from the fast food chains. Foods in the fast food chains are known to be not that healthy when it comes to the benefits it can offer to our body. If you are too busy that you are having a hard time to prepare good food on your own or buy some healthy foods that you have to eat, then you should find some alternative ways to keep your body healthy in times of a busy schedule.


First of all, what you have to do is give yourself some extra time to workout. We all know that workouts are usually done in the gym, and it is proven effective, since gyms have the needed equipment to use during workouts, but did you know that you can still do some extra workouts without needing those equipment? And yes, you can do it actually at your home. You can check on the internet for some extra workouts that still can bring good impact to your muscles that do not require gym equipment. Our body needs some stretching every time to keep the blood flow properly into our veins, and that is why you should have to give your body some extra time to do a little bit of daily workouts, even inside your house.


And another thing that you should try to keep your body healthy is to drink some tea. Instead of drinking sodas or any kinds of carbonated drinks, you should have to drink tea. Tea has been proven to be good for us since it contains a lot of benefits that can actually offer to our body. If your job requires a lot of your time that you find it hard to eat something healthy, you should not forget drinking tea. A cup of tea in a day can actually bring you some good benefits since it can help your digestive system and also, it is not that hard to prepare since all you need is just a warm cup of water and the tea. It won’t take you so much time to prepare and that is why it is really perfect for you to have especially for a busy person like you.


There are so many kinds of tea that you can try and you can actually buy them online. Teas are very well known in South East Asia and into some different parts of the globe. If you wanted to check some website that have been offering you the best tea that you should try, you can try checking

Just like, there are also so many websites that you can try.


Our health is very important, and we should have to take good care of it. That is why you should have to change your bad life style now and do what is necessary to be healthy.

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Posted by on Dec 21, 2015 in Gifts, News, Personalized Gifts |

How to Pick Out the Right Engraved Presents Online

How to Pick Out the Right Engraved Presents Online

You have never been good with giving people presents. You just do not have an idea what to give them. More often than not, you would prefer giving them cash and let them buy what they want. Still, that causes the spirit of giving to be lost along the way and you are determined to work on this. It is the season for giving gifts again and you want to make sure that you get to pick out ones that your recipients might actually like and appreciate. So, you have decided that personalize your gifts would be the best route to take.


1702-3347Everybody would love the idea of opening a box of present only to find that their names are actually engraved on the piece that you are giving to them. You can even level this up by including some sweet, thoughtful message about the gift and why you are giving it to them. This is more than possible for you to do these days. You just have to see to it though that you find those people that can offer you the kind of gift items you want to purchase and have these pieces personalized for you.


Buyers will be delighted to know that there are sites that are dedicated to these kinds of merchandises these days. For instance, they can visit to find a wide array of choices as far as gift items go. All you need to do is find out who you can have these items personalized so they will be more appropriate for the people that you are intending to give them to. Of course, you want to choose those pieces that will reflect the preference of the recipient you are offering it to best.

engraved-pewter-tray-church-minister-leaving-gift (1)

When you find it hard to determine what these items are, then ask for recommendations. It is always best to ask for suggestions from people around you if you have no idea what your choices are. You must have friends that have actually referred to the same sites before and were satisfied with the way their orders were done and delivered to them. They may be able to offer you names of sites that has good handiwork and can offer them at very good prices as well.


Regardless, take note of three names or more. Compare what they are offering, and sign up for those that could get you the most attractive deal. Know about the designs that they can let you use for the penalization too. At the same time, check if they have a wide variety of giftable choices to select from so picking out something which your recipient is surely going to like will be easy.

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