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Valentine’s Gifting for The Loved One In Your Life

Posted by on Sep 22, 2017 in Uncategorized |

Ahh Valentine’s Day, the time to celebrate love. From chocolate to jewelry to romantic dinners, who doesn’t enjoy a nice Valentine’s Day gift? Apparently, shoppers agree.

The average person spends £134 celebrating their loved ones on Valentine’s Daymaking this an ideal holiday to include in your content calendar. This love-filled day is the perfect time to incorporate some fun themed content on your site (and reap the financial rewards!). Don’t forget to let your readers know about sites like so they can get some cute, handmade gifts bought and wrapped!

Love Spoon

Here are 5 ideas to inspire Valentine-centered content for all different types of readers.

Gift guide – You know how much we love a good gift guide! Create unique gift guides focused on all the people who could be recipients of thoughtful presents — from romantic partners to family to friends, giving gifts on Valentine’s Day is for everyone. Another bonus? When a reader clicks through your gift guide and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a commission on the sale.

Giveaways – What better time to show the love than Valentine’s Day. Host a giveaway celebrating the holiday to show your readers you care. This is also a good way to forge a relationship with the brand sponsoring the giveaway and open up potential for future collaborations.

Date night ideas – Possibly the most popular way to commemorate this holiday is to go out on a date, whether with your partner or one of your single BFFs. Get creative and make suggestions that your readers can use, from Groupon vouchers for fun activities to romantic road trip itineraries, inspire your readers to try something different on this special day.

DIY Valentine’s gifts – Not everyone can afford to splurge on jewelry or fancy dinners so why not show your readers ways to create gifts from the heart. If crafting really isn’t your cup of tea, you can always turn to places like Etsy to recommend one-of-a-kind gifts that you can pretend you made 😉

Anti-Valentine’s Day content – Yep you read that right. Some people simply don’t enjoy the lovey dovey nature of the day. Maybe you’re one of them! So why not go down the cheeky route and create anti-Valentine’s content, like humorous breakup gag gifts and ideas around treating yourself to solo experiences. This hilarious selection from Cafe Press hits the nail on the head. There’s definitely a huge appeal to offsetting the sugary sweet nature of Valentine’s Day so go all out!

Themed content can be many things, from helpful to humorous and everything in between. Be creative with the holiday you’re writing about and make your site one worth visiting.

Pros & Cons Of Jute Rugs

Posted by on Sep 11, 2017 in Uncategorized |

Jute rugs offer inherent natural beauty to any space in which they’re used since they’re made of dried plant fibers, often left in their original tan shade. Jute’s durability — like hemp or flax — lends it a life of usefulness in woven form, as with an area rug. While jute is relatively maintenance-free, it does have a few care considerations that make it ideal for some locations and not others.

Jute — Reasonable Indoor Rug Choice

An organic jute rugs fibers are natural, soft and durable. These rugs are pet-friendly and clean relatively easily, requiring just a vacuum cleaning in most cases. As an area rug, it blends in well with many types of decor like organic jute basket with its original tan color, adding a natural element to the room. Jute rugs are a bit thicker than other natural-fiber rugs, such as sisal or sea grass — it is sometimes blended with chenille to create a rug soft enough for a child’s playtime on the floor.

Drawbacks of Jute Rugs17 (1)

While jute is durable, it’s not always the best solution for every type of rug you may need in or around the home. Since it’s a natural fiber, it is quite absorbent. This means using it in a humid or damp environment as a bathroom mat or outdoor welcome mat is out of the question, as it can become moldy, mildewed or fall apart. While dust does not show readily on the top of a jute rug, the rug does leave behind fibers on its bottom side, as evidenced when you move the rug for cleaning.

Care and Maintenance — the Pros

A simple vacuuming with a brush attachment removes dust that may build up in the woven texture of the rug; vacuum from several directions to remove the most debris and prolong the rug’s usefulness and beauty. If the rug has a binding, avoid vacuuming the stitched area to prolong its life. Treating a spill on the rug involves blotting, rather than rubbing the spot out.

Care and Maintenance — the Cons

A jute rug, unlike some other rug types, cannot be steam cleaned, as the moisture may ruin it or lead to mildew and mold. Rug cleaners and spot cleaners are also a no-no for jute, as these may stain or discolor the rug’s natural tones. Continual exposure to sunlight may also fade the rug; rotate it if kept in a sunny location so the light affects it evenly over time.

Why Hire a Glass Fitter?

Posted by on Sep 8, 2017 in Shopping & Giftware |

Measurement is very vital in our everyday life and being exact is equivalent to perfection. All that is over or lacking is bad. This is also true when it comes to the different materials you use in the structure of your house. This factor will determine the durability and strength of the foundation of it. One of the components included here is hiring a glass wall partition fitter at that will do the job of measuring the area. This is essential and ensuring that the personnel is coming from a reliable and trusted company must always be prioritized. Remember that this will establish in the first place if the project will be a success or not.

Choosing the service provider with the complete set of tools is very important. This can serve as your basis in the initial aspect of home improvement if the glass company is the right one for you. You must also be clear with your needs so that they can offer you the materials that are most appropriate for your project. Wall partitions can be considered as an art and if it is magnificently done, so is the final output. Through this, having troubles and problems in the installation process will be avoided. Do not take chances if it is possible to be exact. Getting the glass fitters as well can bring you samples of what the final result will be, is also very helpful so that you will be able to visualize what they are explaining in the primary phase of the project.


This means that the fitters must be well-skilled and highly qualified. They must also be friendly so that the work atmosphere will just be light. A professional one offers you suggestions for your glass needs but in the end, they let you decide. They do not insist what they want, of course, you are the client, it is your project and you are the boss? Being open and getting some pointers in the suggestions of the fitters will help you arrive at the right decision.

Go with the glass company that gets their products directly from the manufacturer. This means that no middle men are included. This will, of course, lead to lower prices. Choosing also those that offer free delivery can also save you a lot as well as those who have negotiable prices. You can find several of these on the internet and is one of them. With the group, you are in good hands.

At the end of the day, what matters most is that you are happy when the project is finished. You will surely be inspired as you go on with life’s daily tasks knowing that when you arrive home, you will see a wonderful glass structure. Remember that your house is your safe haven, which is why it is only essential that you focus and give some time to improving it. Doing this as soon as possible will also help you avoid unnecessary expenses along the way. For more details, check out

Top 3 Most Common Mistakes in Caring for Your Decorative Glass

Posted by on Sep 8, 2017 in Shopping & Giftware |

Considering the fact that you’ve invested both your time and money in looking for the best decorative glass for your company, you should make sure that you take care of it. Since these glasses are installed for decorative purposes, it should look presentable at all times. Here are the top 3 most common mistakes in caring for your decorative glassware:

Using paper towels in cleaning the glass

What could be one of the most common misconceptions when it comes not just in cleaning decorative glass but for the rest of the glasses as well as cleaning it using paper towels. But this is not true. Keep in mind that paper towels are delicate, and it’s also fibrous leaving with a great mess after you’ve wiped it down.

Therefore, you should use newspaper in cleaning your decorative glass instead see here how . Just be mindful in choosing the newspaper that you are going to use in cleaning because there is some newspaper ink that leaves behind some streaks. But if you wanted to ensure the cleanliness of your decorative glass without any possible mistakes at all, then you should use a microfiber cloth.


Using ammonia in cleaning decorative glass

People tend to use ammonia in cleaning decorative glass thinking that it would make their glass shiny and clean, but the truth is it actually leaves a film that will soon start gathering dust as time goes by.

You should consider using Sprayway glass cleaner instead, as it serves as both cleaner and protectant of the decorative glass. But if you are still contemplating, you should make your own DIY glass cleaner then. Various websites can teach you how to create one using materials that you can easily find in your house. You can also seek advice from this site for cleaning glassware

Using abrasives in cleaning decorative glass

This is a big mistake, using any kind of abrasive in cleaning your decorative glass. Make sure that you do not use it as it can leave some scratches and ruin the design or color of your decorative glass. Sometimes, abrasives can leave an irreparable damage to the glass.

Therefore, you should check out every cleaning solution that you are trying to apply if it contains abrasive. Make sure that it doesn’t. Otherwise, you will regret it later on. As much as possible, you should just buy mild cleaning solution to ensure that it does not cause any potential damage to your decorative glass. It would be even better if you ask your manufacturer or supplier for the right cleaning solution. Always follow the label instructions to avoid mistakes and accidental scratches or damages to your customized glass.

Now that you know the most common mistakes in cleaning a decorative glass, you should avoid it as much as possible. In that way, you can keep your decorative glass attractive, flawless, and clean. Aside from knowing how to clean it properly, you should also educate yourself with the most common misconceptions so that you can avoid it beforehand ask tips here

Benefits of A Glassware Doors

Posted by on Sep 8, 2017 in Shopping & Giftware |

If you want to remodel your home specifically the bathroom area, there are certain things that you’ll need to consider. One of the major options in selecting for a shower door is either a framed or shower doors that are frameless. Nowadays, most people would prefer for a type of frameless doors because of how it can display a kind of elegance in your home. One of the benefits that you can gain from having frame glassware is that it makes the entire area look wider.


Choose glassware that will tailor fit your needs and this is one of the reasons why a glassware bathroom company such as at is your best option. There are as well different styles and designs that you can select and one of which is having a colored type of glassware. The use of colored paint glassware becomes a popular demand to most of the homeowners. You can have a kind of bathroom door that has another touch of tint or a kind of window that is more tinted than the other glassware that is found in the bathroom.


  1. Attractive- knowing that glass shower screens can definitely look sleek and very chic. If this is what you aim, make sure that it can provide proper space in your bathroom. This makes your bathroom looking polished and even unified as this gives you a great benefit such as the use of colour painted glassware such as at
  2. It can be customized- you can have it personalized depending if you want to add your personal touch to the bathroom. This gives you the benefit that choosing more styles such as adding shower curtains or a kind of shower screen that which creates a better opportunity for you to ensure that there is a solution to your bathroom needs.
  3. It is more desirable- any style of glassware creates a classic and modern ambiance. This what makes the entire design very unique compared to the traditional or standard type of bathroom.
  4. Low maintenance- anything that is made with glass in the bathroom does not require further maintenance since you can easily clean a glass material. However, if the glass happened to be tattered, it is important that you take precautions if you are cleaning your bathroom and consider replacing it.
  5. it is non-invasive- hanging a shower curtain makes it safe. In this way, you will not have to hurt or cut yourself in case there are any small breakages of the glassware.
  6. It is very versatile- one of the most creative and yet versatile design is the use of glassware. This makes the entire bathroom look refreshing and at the same time, it provides a kind of soothing relaxation while you are taking your bath.


There are so many options that you can choose however you want to use a glassware. This can either be a door, window or anywhere that is made of glass in your bathroom. Its benefit guarantees not only a wonderful bath but also a kind of comfort and convenience.

Why You Should Buy Love Spoons

Posted by on Aug 22, 2017 in Uncategorized |

LOVERS HAVE given each other wooden love tokens since ancient times. In Wales these were often in the form of wooden cawl (soup) spoons. Young men in rural areas carved them to give to women as a prelude to courtship: they were illiterate, so the spoons were their love letters. The designs were often copied from the pewter and silver spoons used by the gentry. When a woman accepted a lovespoon, she would hang it over the mantelpiece for all to see.3670659260_7dba79b422_b

During the 17th century, Welsh lovespoons became more elaborate, incorporating initials, dates and symbols. The handle was developed at the expense of the bowl to make more room for the carver to show off his skills and demonstrate the depth of his desire. Some spoons had two bowls, meaning “we two are one”. Common symbols included a heart representing love; a wheel promising “I will work for you”; a key for “my house is yours”; or an anchor meaning “I want to stay”. Celtic designs, with their unbroken, stylised lines carved in relief representing eternal love, or souls entwined for eternity, appear frequently.

These antique lovespoons are rarely sold on the open market, but sometimes can be found at auction. Mark Stephen of Sotheby’s says about 30 to 40 spoons a year come up for auction across the country, and cost from £400 to £3,000.

Alternatively, you can buy one-off, hand-crafted contemporary spoons from places like Lovespoon making is undergoing something of a revival, with makers like Arthur Llewellin Thomas, and Peter and Lynnette Coupland, designing and carving spoons to commission (from £40 to £600). When you buy a handmade lovespoon, make sure it is the genuine article by looking at the shape. It should be curved in profile like a metal spoon and is usually carved on the back. Batch-produced souvenir lovespoons are flat-backed to enable machines to cut them out before they are finished by hand. Castle Crafts in Cardiff and the Lovespoon Gallery in Mumbles sell these spoons (starting at pounds 3) as well as commissioned spoons.

Visit the Museum of Welsh Life in St Fagan’s, just outside Cardiff, if you want to check out one of the best collections of antique lovespoons. It includes the oldest known lovespoon, which is dated 1667. No bigger than a modern dessert spoon, it has a hollowed-out handle with six free- floating carved wooden balls and has developed a rich mellow patina through 300 years of handling.

In Welsh folklore, the balls symbolise the number of children the suitor hopes for. So if you receive a copy of this spoon on Valentine’s Day (pounds 120, from the museum shop), you know where his spooning might end.