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Facts about Foal

Posted by on Sep 1, 2016 in News |

Foal is the term for a new born horse lot of people been confuse the differences between the foal and the pony. So hope the first sentence clarifies your minds, when a horse born a male foal it’s called colt while the female called filly. These terms are only use if the horse is one years old.  If the foal is get nursery to its dam which the mother to be more specific it’s called “suckling” and if the foal stop nursing to its dam it’s called weanling. Mare is the female horse when its pregnant most breeder will say the “Mare is in foal” and if it will give birth breeder will say the “Mare is foaling”.

When the foal is already grow up more than one year, it will change the term and it called the yearling. After the yearling age and reach the breeding period maturity, a filly foal in the age of three and four they called the Mare horses while the colt foal call the Stallion.

two brown and beige horses eating grass in a field

Horses have a mature body but in a small size called ponies where most the people got mistaken that foals and ponies are the same which is not click here to see the difference.  An adult pony has the capacity to use in work and ride while the foal is only used for work, not into ride because foal is too young for that. When the foal grows is not difficult to distinguish if it is a normal size of horse or a size of a pony, you can distinguish easily because foal with slim bodies, small and long legs. Their eyes and heads also have the juvenile looks while the ponies yet it has a little juvenile looks but their body proportions is matured like the adult horse. Pony foals are smaller, slimmer and have the long legs just like their parents.

After foals birth them already can walk, trot and stand in a shortest period. It is expected within 2hours the foal should get up and nursing to its parent.  If the foal didn’t act like this for a longer time, the best thing you do is to call a veterinarian. Because normally the filly foals are faster to get stand in their own than the colt foals. In general foals can do gallop after about twenty-four hours.

running purebred akhalteke dam with foal in the paddock

When the foal get its first drink of milk from the mare its colostrums; it boosts the immune system of the foal, very important to them because they born with less protection. Normally the foul must get the colostrums from the first hours after birth or less than 24 hours after birth. This is not only for immune but it also helps the foal to go through its manure.

Breeder should watch and observe any signs of sick and illness because foals need to be disinfected from being umbilical stump within few days after they born. Foals could be infection so rapidly.

If you plan to buy foals, Shetland ponies and Flabella horse visit this site

4 Things To Do Before You Go Straight To The Bridal Shops

Posted by on Sep 1, 2016 in Beauty |

 Are you ready to shop for your wedding gown? If you are, there are certain things you need to have before you go out there and start boutique hopping. These are going to help you big time as you try on various dresses. See for yourself, which ones do fit and make you look good or not.

  1. Strapless Bra.

Do remember you will be trying on different wedding dresses. Be sure that you are wearing the right undergarments. You will have quite a number of gowns to try. Some might be strapless while few are with sleeves. It is best to wear a strapless bra. This will come in handy. You will be able to see how you look like on the gown. This will save you time in taking off the bra, wearing it again and vice versa.

Beautiful bride sitting on a bed

  1. Zero Make-up.

Next would be no wearing of make-up. Why? You do not want the dress to be dirty thanks to your make-up, right? Also, do away with wearing fake tan. This would simply ruin everything for you. What you want to happen is to see yourself how you look like wearing the gown on your skin tone. In this way, you will never have any problem at all later when you walk down the aisle. The dress will look simply amazing more so when you are wearing your make-up and a flattering hairdo.

  1. Bring Accessories.

What accessories are you planning to wear on your day? Do bring them along. Items like tiara, veil, pearl earrings, diamond necklace, etc. You want to make sure that these do compliment pretty well. You do not want to have them mix and match, then eventually look horrible when put together, right? It does pay off to see how everything looks like together.

Florist helping bride

  1. Smartphone ready.

Seeing what you look like on camera gives you an idea how would you look on your day. Do ask the boutique beforehand if it is okay to take a photo of you wearing the dress. If the boutique won’t allow you, take note of the design of the dress, the name of the designer and check on it over the Internet. This will give you a record of the dresses that you try on for the day.

There you have it four things that you should do before you go to bridal shops. It pays off very well if you are prepared. When you have all the above-mentioned things ready, trying on wedding dresses will be a breeze. You will get on with it and pick the right dress perfectly. Choosing a dress might incur a lot of time thinking, checking, analyzing, and feeling at your end but it is all worth it. Remember, you are going to marry the person whom you love and love you back on that day. It is only fitting that you are going to wear the best dress. For a glimpse on different dresses you can check out

Tips in Looking For Vintage Bridal Hair Accessories

Posted by on Sep 1, 2016 in Beauty |

When you are preparing for your vintage themed wedding, then you must not forget your hair accessories no matter how busy you are since those are the ones that can make or break your look that is why you need to take time in looking for it and make sure that it is the right match for you. And when you are looking for the right wedding hair accessories, this post will be able to help you with the tips that are listed down below on the things that you should be doing when you are going to buy wedding hair accessories on your own, be it in an actual physical store or an online shop.

So the first tip that you must keep in mind when you are going to buy wedding hair accessories for your vintage themed wedding is that you need to make sure that you have already decided or your decision is final for the dress that you are going to wear on your wedding day so that you will be able to imagine how you would look like on your wedding day. Like for example if you are going to wear a veil or not or maybe just a mesh, then that will guide you which vintage hair accessories to buy.

Model in a red gown and crown on her head.

Then, if you are still trying to choose whether it is going to be hair clips or headband or tiara or hair combs, then you must consider whether you are going to have two looks on your wedding day like one during the wedding ceremony and then another one during the reception. That is why you need to decide on that first so that you can choose which hair accessories you are going to use t


he ceremony and during the reception.

And most importantly, when you are going to choose your wedding headpiece, then you need to choose the ones that have more metal works that are exposed on the headpiece since it matches whatever era you are going to choose when you have a vintage inspired wedding. This means that no matter which type of head piece you are going to choose whether it’s going to be hair clips or headband or tiara or hair combs from for example, then you need to choose the ones that have more


exposed metal work on it so that it will really fit your vintage themed wedding.

Therefore, when you buy or still looking for the perfect hair accessory or accessories for your vin

tage inspired wedding is that you need to choose your wedding gown first, then the hairstyle, then you need to decide on whether which hairstyle you are going to have during the wedding ceremony and the reception, and most importantly for your vintage inspired wedding, those hair accessories must be more on exposed metal works rather than crystals or any beadwork. With, you can make sure that you will be able to choose from their collection of vintage bridal hair accessories.

Guidelines in Choosing for an Outline and Design for your Wedding Invitation

Posted by on Aug 8, 2016 in Shopping & Giftware |

Are you ready to prepare your wedding invitation? Do you have your idea as to how you want to have an outcome of your invitation? Have you decided on the colors that you are going to use in making a wedding invitation? Do you have a wedding theme? Have you consulted a wedding invitation maker to customized all your needs and making it into a reality like at These and more are question that you will definitely meet along the way as you begin to prepare for your wedding day. As you plot your plans, make sure that you are engaging it one step at a time.

Wedding invitations are one of the fancy things that are made. Its design is classic, sophisticated, vintage and or even modern. It would be best to choose your own design and have the designer tailor fit your need. The purpose of the wedding invitation is to make sure that all of your friends, family and guests are able to attend your special day. It is through the invitations that they will know if they have a role. This is important for the people whom you have invited thus assigned them with roles on the wedding entourage. Through the wedding invitation, those people whom you have assign a role will appear and must do their function accordingly.

Wedding invitations

Choosing for a wedding invitation, testing out the sample, designing and styling, sending it out to a number of guests, ordering it are one of the tedious tasks that you will ever face throughout in this journey of getting married. Dreaming of a unique wedding invitation is what most couple would like to happen. Something that would speaks of their love story theme with the use of pictures and colors for the wedding invitation. Here are a few guidelines for you to be guided as to how you are going to choose the right type and materials for your wedding invitation.


Online stores- most people would right away look up at the browser to check and see for ideas of wedding invitations. As soon as you have your ideas get it print out. Some online stores are very up to date with regards to latest and trendy designs.

Time – The earlier you look and choose for a unique one, the earlier you get to scan and able to send your invitations on time. You can also have more time if you are able to do things early thus weigh on the budget as to how much more or less do you need for your wedding.

Wedding Background

Styling- the type of style that you want for your wedding invitation is important. Although wedding invitation consultants may suggest but it is up to your choice as to what style you are going to choose.

Budget- it is indeed part of the wedding invitation that you have to budget for each category you need to fill in for your wedding. Count the people that you think you accommodate on your wedding day.

No matter how much money you are willing to spend, if you are spending it in a best quality card will surely impress the people whom you have invited.

Why use Window Framed Mirrors rather than simple designed Mirrors?

Posted by on Aug 2, 2016 in Shopping & Giftware |

Thinking of a different way to design your home and your garden? Don’t want the usual decor or designs that you see nowadays? Well then there is another option you can choose for your home design. There are window framed mirrors that you can make as a decoration for your home. But why use window framed mirrors rather than the simple ones? There are a couple of reasons why, but just to make it simple for you, below are the reasons why to use window framed mirrors rather than the simple designed mirrors:

white bathroom with shower

It will make your surrounding beautiful and stylish

Adding window framed mirrors can make your surroundings more stylish and beautiful. Since most homeowners are looking for a different design for their home and garden, window framed mirrors can be an answer. Window framed mirrors can make your garden more different. It reflects the greenish look of it. It will seem like you have another window of your home in the different side of your garden. You can find stylish window framed mirrors on

Window framed mirrors can lighten the dark part of your area

Aside from its stylish features, window framed mirrors can lighten the dark part of your area. Examples are hallways, walls in your living room, bedroom and kitchen. There are dark parts there that you can place a simple window framed mirror that can lighten it. This is something amazing that you would be surprised about when you do it.

It creates the illusion of an additional space by reflection of the light

Through the use of window framed mirrors, you are creating an illusion that adds space to your area. It is because of the reflection of the light coming from the mirror. Everyone who will be staring in the window will think that it is a true window but when they come closer it is truly a mirror where they can see their reflection!

It is a piece of creative artwork especially with beautiful carving in wood

In choosing window framed mirrors especially if it is an antique one, the beautiful carving on the wood is an art work that you should not miss as part of your home decoration. It is not just a decoration but something that your family can take care of at home. With proper maintenance of this, surely you can have this for a longer time.

It is still good to choose window framed mirrors rather than the simple designed ones because of their different characteristics. Window framed mirrors have a lot of characteristics that you would not resist in considering them as your home decoration. You can use them outside your home like on the wall facing your garden. It would seem like you are placing another window on your outside wall that is on your garden. It would look amazing and unique. You should really consider window framed mirrors especially the antique mirrors and you can find them on this website:

The thoughtful wedding invitations

Posted by on Jul 26, 2016 in Wedding Plan |

Vintage card with patternsGetting married sounds exciting especially when you tackle about the wedding plans. Brides tend to be the most excited person when it comes to listing down all their priorities. But most of them disregard the importance of having a wedding invitation. What could be the possible reason why most soon to be wedded couple plans to have no invitation at all?

There are many possible reasons and one of which is low cost of budget. That is why most couple would not like to invest on wedding invitations. For some wedding invitations is not that a good investment because of the reason that they think people will just throw away into the trash bin. This is not usually the case because if you have it done well that won’t happen.

Making wedding invitations together with people whose expertise like at is their priority in making the best quality that people can truly be in awe. Remember that when you make a wedding invitation it should be a first impression kind of thing wherein people would really be enjoy reading the invitation and even end up smelling the paper if you have requested for a scented paper to be used. Putting an effort to your wedding invitation would simply mean that you are deeply serious with the people that you want to invite on your wedding day.

Things to Consider When Ordering Wedding Invites 2

Be guided with the number of guests that you want to be on your wedding day. Through the wedding invitation, this will serve as a guide who are going and who are not because on the invitation you have indicated the names of the guests and the RSVP for the reception area. Some people would just like to go and see the wedding and skipped the fun part but for others they would most like skip the wedding and go to the fun part which is at the reception. This may be true for other and at the same time this may not be true to any situation at all. If you are the one getting married, be sure to explain to your guests that their presence is greatly appreciated on both scenarios.

The thought of the wedding invitation is very essential as you will see how couples invested their time preparing for the best time of their lives. If you have friends or a family member whose getting married, they will truly say that it is not easy to prepare a year long wedding because there will be circumstances along the journey such as the need to have a plan B because of one certain bookings that can’t be done. Their effort is greatly seen when the wedding invitation arrives on your doorstep or at your office and or is being handed to you personally.

Couples who are getting married will surely appreciate your presence once they see you on their wedding day. The joy and the laughter are the best shared memories that they will see from all the people that they have invited. Although not for the most part is done by the couples because there are wedding planners but the thought that they have invested their time just for you to be with them is more than a gift you can offer.