Biscuit Tins

Cadburys Milk Chocolate Wafer Biscuits Tin
Carr’s Juvenile Drop Box 1899
Chiltonian English Country House 1930s
Crawford’s Leathercraft Casket 1927
Crawford’s Musketeer 1933
Crawford’s Mother of Pearl Full Size
Crawford’s Mother of Pearl Sample
Crawford’s Shortbread of Fashion Paper Label Sample
CWS Ceres c1910-20
CWS East West Homes Best Sample
CWS Leigh Commemorative Tin 1907
Huntley & Palmers Drumsticks c1970
Huntley & Palmers Glove Box 1913
Huntley & Palmers Holly Paper Label Tin
Huntley & Palmers Japanese Tea Caddy 1936
Huntley & Palmers Jemima Puddleduck
Huntley & Palmers Oak 1892
Huntley & Palmers Rivulet 1902
Huntley & Palmers Wisteria 1933
Jacob’s Chocolate Biscuits 1920s
Jacob’s Cream Crackers Free Sample Deco
Jacob’s Motto Box 1938
MacFarlane Lang 50s Kitsch Tea on the Lawn Tea Caddy
MacFarlane Art Nouveau Oxidised Copper Glove Box
MacFarlane Lang Pamela 1937
MacFarlane Lang Tea Caddy 1938
MacFarlane Lang Yule Log 1910
McVitie & Price Apeldorn Wafers
McVitie & Price Cherry Ripe 1938
Peek Frean Masquerade 1950s
Peek Frean Primrose 1906
Unbranded Shagreen 1930s
Unbranded Ladies & Roses c1902
Unbranded Medieval Feast c1910
Unbranded Victorian tin with Dutch Theme c1890
Unbranded Wedgwood Vase c1905