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Your Modern Living Room

Posted by on Apr 21, 2017 in Uncategorized |

Today’s living rooms in moderately priced homes are not the giant rooms you find in the much older homes. To be kind to the designers who tried to maximize square footage, we can call them ‘intimate’ settings. If you feel less kindly, you can call them small.

Modern living rooms differ to the traditional and ornate in that they are usually simple in their approach and often minimalist with strong accent on colour and simple form. This simple room is basically black and white with an accent on the Arne Jacobsen egg chair in a soft yellow. It works well as the decoration is subtle in a small space. Imagine if the room used bright or dark colours. It would close up immediately, yet even in this small space its interesting and feels large. Before you purchase new furniture for your living room there are several facts you have to determine. First, how is your living room going to be used? Is it a formal room where guests will visit for a short time but you will not be serving refreshments? Is it a great room that is multi-functional? Do you

Vintage classic elegant living room with grey velvet sofa

plan to use your living room as the name implies – as a room to live in? This means you will use it for family gatherings, entertaining guests, watching television, etc. It is a room that will be well-used.

Now that you have defined its purpose there are two other considerations: space and budget. In listing how much furniture you need in your living room, you must make the distinction between want and need. You can want a $5,000 leather sofa but you need a place where three people can sit. Sometimes individuals are wealthy enough where they can combine the two. Most individuals and families are not in those financial latitudes. The basic furniture to begin a standard living room is a sofa, one chair, one coffee table, one end table and one lamp. This gives you seating for four. The end table with the lamp and the coffee table give your guests a place to set their drinks or cups plus you can set snacks on the longer table. You can add to this grouping as you see fit. Depending on space, many individuals feel they need more furniture in their living rooms. The logical additions would be another chair and a second end table and lamp. This gives you comfortable seating for five. There are several free software programs on the Internet where you can put in the dimensions of your living room and add furniture to see how it will look in different arrangements

Perhaps you have a great room that serves all purposes. In your household you have two adults and three children. You will be watching television in this room and the children will be using it to play games. This is where the floor plan will really help because you will need more furniture in your living room. You may opt for comfortable recliners for the adults. To keep clutter at a minimum you may consider an armoire for the television. There are also wall units that house the television, DVD player and music components in the middle with space-saving book cases on either end. It depends on your available space and how much money you have to spend. If you like the idea of the wall unit, there are plenty of retail stores as well as on-line sites that sell them for a lesser amount if you put them together yourself. Once you have your main pieces of home furnishing shop in Massachusetts selected and in place you can begin to add accessories or other items if needed. The one thing you do want to avoid is too much furniture. This will make the room appear smaller and give you and your family a feeling of claustrophobia. You want your living room to be inviting and comfortable. If you have sufficient furniture and there are bare spaces, you can add greenery or potted plants where they can get good light. Old trunks make ideal places to store toys, magazines, board games and other things that may make the room seem cluttered. It can also serve as a table top for children to play on or a bench should you need additional seating. The same goes for ottomans. There are many styles and colours in ottomans that double and triple as storage spaces as well as extra seating.

The Little Wedding Details That Matter

Posted by on Mar 20, 2017 in Uncategorized |

There are so many perks out there for your wedding that you may not have considered going for due to cost, or the idea of frivolity putting you off. It shouldn’t. Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life and if you can’t have a little luxury then, when can you? Videography is something that has been part of weddings for many years, except it used to be Uncle Mike over in the corner with a giant camcorder on his shoulder getting shaky shots of the bride walking up the aisle. Videography has come a very long way ever since then and has exploded into the wedding world as a business that makes everyone want a piece. Many people think of a wedding video like an old home movie we have all seen and so don’t give wedding videography much thought. That’s so 20wrong! Imagine being able to capture your vows and your reception to watch back. It’s one thing watching a romantic, fairy tale wedding on the television but imagine watching your own again and again?

When you hire a professional wedding videographer, you are hiring someone with many of the same skills as those required to produce a feature film. A quality wedding video provides an incredible format to relive your wedding day (and then some) well into the future. Even more so than with your wedding photography, we urge you to not use an amateur to produce your wedding video. Only a professional has the quality equipment, the experienced hand and the editing ability to produce the succinct well edited tribute that you deserve. As part of your luxury wedding planning you should absolutely include a budget for a videographer and be warned, it’s likely to be a pricey gift to yourselves. However, your wedding day is your biggest day – aside from the birth of any children you may have together. So being able to get to each anniversary together and look back at those vows with a smile is just priceless in the long run. Plus, it’s far better to pay for good quality of video than skimp and have a shaky result!

A professional videographer will provide more than simply a real-time video of your wedding and reception. What they do is something magical. They can also include one or all of the following:

  • Our Story: A video interview of the bride and groom talking about how they met, special moments they’ve shared, when they knew he/she was ‘the one’, how the question was popped etc. Having this as a beginning to the wedding video can be something to look back on and smile about as the years go by and is such a pure way to see the love on the face of your other half.
  • Before We Met: A montage of photos of the bride and groom growing up
  • Pre Wedding Moments: Snippets shown of the bridal shower, wedding gown shopping, video at the bride and grooms’ home prior to the wedding, shots of the bride dressing and the groom greeting guests and waiting for the festivities to begin.

Once the video has been captured, long hours of editing begins. While quality professional video footage is needed to produce a great video, it’s artful editing and special effects where the video will truly blossoms. All of the footage will be viewed and edited so that is has a logical flow and is a viewable length: not too epic and not a quick clip show. They’ll add in appropriate music, voice over and titles and you will honestly be so amazed with the results.

What Does Style Mean?

Posted by on Mar 3, 2017 in Uncategorized |

That gets your attention straight away, firstly because you want to make sure that you have it, secondly you want to make sure you keep it. What is style really? Something we naturally have, something we crave or something that is achievable by following instructions?

Style in relation to interior design can mean many things but overall it sums up the ability to be able to create an interior that is “good taste” flows within the home, is harmonious, well balanced, comfortable, practical, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and an overall creation that is memorable. When you purchase Massachusetts home furniture you want them to be beautiful and reflect your personal style.

So How Do We Find a Style?

This task is as daunting as creating a colour scheme. If you are decorating for yourself, it’s easier because you already have your own style or taste, you probably just don’t know how to identify it. The easiest way is to flick through magazines and books and bookmark all the interiors that “catch your eye” on first glance. Then go back through all the book marked pages and you will start to see a pattern of the style that you like. It is the same when you are going through a decorating store, there will always be a certain style of fabric that you are most drawn to, a style of furniture, paintings, decorative lighting etc. That sounds too easy. Yes it is and now you just have to work with and be sympathetic to your environment. If you have a Georgian Style home, you don’t necessarily have to decorate it in that same period, but you do need to be sympathetic to that style as you can’t ignore the bones or structure of the home.

Style can change throughout the house but not to extremes. Often kitchens have a different style to the rest of the house and work if there is an element that carries through the remainder of the home to marry it together, a continuous timber floor perhaps, or matching glass inserts in kitchen cabinetry as the doors throughout the house. Style can be explained another way. It is just like selecting clothes to wear. Anyone can get themselves dressed, but can everyone succeed in looking stylish? Some people have the natural ability or flair to visualize an entire outfit complete with accessories and as we know it is always the clever use of accessories that create the look or style. Very similar to interior design and decorating. Yet another way to look at style is taste or charm. Taste or charm is the ability to create something that is well balanced, harmonious, pleasing to the eye and has a special “x” factor that you can’t put down to one thing in particular. It is the ability for everyone to appreciate it, not necessarily like the style themselves but love the taste or charm that has been created. I love Edwardian styled homes to look at, I find them enchanting, ye they are not to my personal taste.

So to summarize – “What is Style?” Style is creating an interior with an “x” factor a “je ne sais quois.” It can be in a particular decoration style or period but it isn’t essential. Style is created by personality and enthusiasm, it’s the ability to maximize the potential of the interior space using all the skills, knowledge and tools available to you.

A Quick Guide to London’s Art Galleries

Posted by on Jan 12, 2017 in Uncategorized |

You could be a lover of modern art that is difficult to comprehend, or Old Masters, London will have a gallery that will suit you. This iconic city never disappoints when it comes to the art on offer and some of the most historic and famous gallery houses are in the city. This doesn’t mean that there is nothing outside London, far from it, but London is the epicentre of culture in England and being able to gaze upon history in the form of sculpture or Equestrian Print made by talented artists is to be appreciated and revered. London’s smaller galleries are always full of hidden treasures and you could be into impressionist paintings, photography or arty events, you will find a hidden gem to satisfy your artistic flavour.


  • Barbican Gallery

From acclaimed architects to artists who are Turner prize winners, the Barbican Art Gallery presents major exhibitions by leading international figures.

  • National Gallery

Standing proudly over Trafalgar Square, this is a huge space filled to the brim with Western European paintings from the thirteenth to the nineteenth centuries. Van Gogh, da Vinci, Botticelli, Renoir and Stubbs are just a few of the iconic artists that grace the walls of this historic building.

  • National Portrait Gallery

Another iconic building near Trafalgar Square, the National Portrait Gallery is home to the largest collection of faces and personalities across the globe. The paintings range from the Tudor times to the present, from Shakespeare to Kings and Queens of our time. You’re looking at history when you step through the doors.

  • Royal Academy of Arts

When you walk through the gates off Piccadilly to the Annenberg Courtyard, you walk into the Royal Academy of Arts. Standing since 1798, there is an ever-changing programme of blockbuster exhibitions. Queen Victoria’s paintbox and the only Michaelangelo sculpture in the UK.

  • Saatchi Gallery

Contemporary art doesn’t get better than what you find in the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea. Young artists, international artists and artists rarely exhibited in the UK all do well here and it will soon be named the Museum of Contemporary Art once the owner, Charles Saatchi, retires.

  • Serpentine Gallery

This quirky little gallery is often overlooked, but if you have walked through Hyde Park at any time you will have noticed the little gallery and its free exhibitions that showcase international modern and contemporary art by artists such as Wahrol and Ofili.

  • Somerset House

Home to London’s Courtauld Gallery with its collection of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and Old Masters paintings, this is one to visit if ever you are in the capital.

  • Tate Britain

If you are a lover of Pre-Raphaelite paintings, you’ll be home here. You’ll also find landscapes by Turner and Francis Bacon’s distorted nudes. There’s a lot to look at here! It’s home to the largest collection of British art in the world!


Must-Read Tips Before Buying Art For Your Home

Posted by on Jan 11, 2017 in Uncategorized |

Did you know that well-placed pieces of art or fine paintings have the power to transform a space? Selecting the correct piece can be a complicated and intimidating project and to help to take the mystery out of the project, we’ve got some tips to help you choose the right piece for your home. whether you want art that comes from an antique dealer or a website such as

  • Buy what you love. When you choose a piece of fine art, it should never be a maybe and should thrill you every day you get to look at it. You 14666392888_5358a55527_zshould want to smile when you see this piece of art in your home, it is your investment and this is something you’ve chosen to take centre stage in your living room or hallway.
  • Consider a contemporary piece for a traditional space and vice versa. It shakes it up and adds visual interest to your home and if you go out of your way to choose something that really pops in your living space. If you are a lover of traditional décor, then you need to choose a traditional piece of art to contrast the room. This works both ways in that a traditional home space should have a piece of eclectic art or an unusual fine painting taking up the space in the home.
  • Try not to match the art you have to the room it is in. Contrast and complement the space with the art you choose so it works with the existing decoration of the room and doesn’t get lost.
  • If you can afford to, put in the money for a quality custom framing, museum glass and fabric mats. You will be glad you did as it will elevate the art you have in all cases. You want the money you’ve spent to really mean something and stand out and the only way you can do this is by ensuring you’ve put the money into the right piece in the home.
  • Feeling adventurous? Mix art periods and styles and pair exceedingly expensive paintings with quirky pieces of street art for an urban feel in a traditional room. Add art that tells your story and means something to you – don’t just put up a pretty picture and call it artistic.
  • When you put a piece of art in your home, there is only one opinion that truly matters and that is yours. Even if it’s an edgy or shocking piece, it will be remembered by those who visit your house. Of course, if you are partnered up, get the opinion of the person you’re living with but ultimately if it’s your money you’ve spent, forget opinions of others.
  • If you see a fantastic piece that isn’t quite the right size or colour, always ask if the artist can make a custom piece, just for you. They usually are happy to do this as it means an extra commission notch on the belt for them and their careers!


5 factors to consider when buying shop display

Posted by on Dec 21, 2016 in Shopping & Giftware |

If you are about to buy your shop display for your shop but don’t know what to consider for a shop display, then this may help you because here are some factors you can consider when you are about to purchase a shop display. A shop display is the reason why your items can be displayed and so that customers may be able to see what is in your store. If you don’t have this in your shop then how would your customer know if you are selling something to them?

  1. Durability advised that durability can be a good thing because you are allowing your display to carry a lot of different items. Each item may carry different weights, and if it is overweight it may destroy the display. There might even be some customers that will put other items from different displays that will only carry more weight to the display.

  1. Materials used

Checking the materials used can also be beneficial because it will allow you to know if the materials can withstand certain containers of aproduct like plastic or cans. Knowing what kind of materials can help you know what type of cleaning equipment and chemical you can use to clean the display because if the material is made from wood, then putting too much water on it wouldn’t be a great idea.

  1. Designed

Considering the design can be beneficial especially to the image of your shop. The reason is that the design can be a head turner for customers or it can be inviting to the customers which can be a potential buyer to your shop. It will also show what type of shop you are running because display for clothes can be different for display for food.

handbag retail fasion store and showcase.

According to you have to know the benefits that it can give you because if the design of the display doesn’t give too much benefit like it can only hold onto one certain item and not a variety then it may not be good for your shop that sells a variety of items for your customers.

  1. Types

Knowing what type of display you would need is also a factor you should consider because you might buy a display good for clothes and the one that you need is those for fruits and vegetables. If that would happen to you, then you are just wasting your money.

Now you know what to consider when you are about to purchase your shop display. A shop display is a vital element in your shop because even if you have all the goods that a customer would need, what is the point if it doesn’t have a display to be placed on and for customers to see when they pass by your shop. Considering the existence of a shop display would show what kind of image you are portraying to the public because if you buy those high class one good for the boutique then your shop would look high class and if you purchase those simple ones, then your shop would look friendly.